Personal Injury

​Any accident can result in physical injury and costly medical expenses. Our firm can evaluate your case and establish a successful and through case to get you compensated for your loss. We can handle cases such as:

  • Premises Liability (including Slip and Fall)
  • Car Accidents
  • Dog Bites

Injuries from these types of cases can severely impact a victim’s life. Countless medical procedures, wage losses, and physical and mental damage can result from one single incident. Mr. Sprowls will do everything he possibly can to get you or your loved the proper compensation and justice you deserve.

"I am your lawyer, not your boss. I am here to protect you, not judge you."

- Personal injury attorney - Newburgh NY - Raymond D. Sprowls

"My passion...isn't diminished in any way from having a guilty client. It's my job to defend my clients and I do that with everything that I have."

- Personal injury lawyer - Orange County, NY - Raymond D. Sprowls

"Keep your mouth shut - no matter what the police say to you!"

- Defense attorney - Raymond D. Sprowls

Mr. Sprowls offers a free, in-office consultation. Contact Ray by

e-mail or call (845) 568-5700.

His criminal defense law firm represents clients in drug crime, DWI, violent crimes and cybercrimes in courts throughout Orange County, New York and beyond.