Defending People With Too Much To Lose

Mr. Sprowls defends individuals whose lives could be torn apart by a criminal conviction. Many clients have families, jobs, and businesses that they have spent a lifetime building. Criminal charges can put all of that in jeopardy. Our firm is ready and able to defend and protect your rights as well as your liberty.

With an excellent track record of success in defending the accused, you can be confident that you will receive 110% of what Mr. Sprowls has to offer: A well assessed, thought out defense strategy that can only be attributed to years of experience and in depth knowledge of the legal system.

I am your lawyer, not your boss. I am here to protect you, not judge you.

My passion...isn't diminished in any way from having a guilty client. It's my job to defend my clients and I do that with everything that I have.

Keep your mouth shut - no matter what the police say to you!